White supremacist rally planned in response to Wisconsin State Fair riot


Oh, God. As an answer to the riots at the Wisconsin State Fair, which many saw as racially motivated, a Nazi group is planning a rally in Milwaukee.

The rally, called, "In Defense of White America," will surely bring an enlightened voice to the debate about the unfortunate events of that night, and provoke a helpful discussion about race in this country. Or, maybe not.

"On Sept. 3rd there will be a mobilization of battle hardened White Men in the Milwaukee area, to welcome any flash mob, and stand in defense of the American way of life," explains the stupid, stupid group behind the event.

But, if any black folks -- or, say, people who don't hate black folks -- have got a little free time today, we've got a phone number, and you can call these fine people up all day long and have a serious, open-ended chat with the organizers about race in America. Or you could just yell at them.


When City Pages tried to write about the violent incidents at the Wisconsin State Fair, this website was flooded with all kinds of people who had terribly dark thoughts about everyone who wasn't white and Christian. Now we know where all those lovable geniuses went.

This stuff made some crazy white folks go even crazier.

This stuff made some crazy white folks go even crazier.

"The White Resistance is being organized now! The endless phone calls, and emails coming from concerned citizens of Milwaukee have been taken into account, and we will make your voices heard."

The group responsible for this brilliant idea is the National Socialist Movement, so named because, you know, Hitler didn't really get a fair shake the first time around.

Turns out, the guy who's taking phone calls about this "rally" used to be a local around here: Jeff Schoep lived in Hutchinson before he relocated to Detroit, according to the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

If you want to make your own phone call, and tell the organizers exactly how excited you are about this white power rally, they're at 414-554-2483.

So, just to be clear, black people, gay people, Jews, liberals, people with a conscience: Please, please don't call and yell at them. Really, don't. Again, the phone number is 414-554-2483, but don't call unless you are a white supremacist Nazi trying to RSVP for the September 3 rally in Milwaukee.