'White privilege checklist' is University of Minnesota's latest hate crime

Consider the "white privilege checklist" that hangs in the University of Minnesota campus. If you dare!

Consider the "white privilege checklist" that hangs in the University of Minnesota campus. If you dare! Twitter

Move over, Nazis.

Early this year, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus discovered, poster-by-poster, graffiti by graffiti, what appeared to be a growing fascist presence on campus. Those stories have died down, publicly at least, in recent weeks, and all eyes should now turn to the newest hate group getting a foothold on campus: Liberals.

The outrageous affronts from campus left-wingers were documented by Evan Christenson, a student at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. Christenson is bravely speaking out after he was visually and intellectually assaulted by a "white privilege checklist" he found hanging in a University dorm.

The checklist intends to educate its reader with how the experience of white life tends to be different in America: "I can arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time," reads the first checklist point; "When I am told about our national heritage or about 'civilization', I am shown that people of my color made it what it is."

An attachment next to the wall-hanger says, "If you don't think white privilege exists, congratulations, you are enjoying the benefits of it."

If you've not already dropped your smartphone to flee for higher ground, you might feel like doing what Christenson did: Taking the story to the Minnesota Republic, publisher of the U of M's farthest right wing commentary. (And, on occasion, really bad extended metaphors about rape.)

Christenson told the paper he's "been a liberal all his life," but, as a white male, seeing the bulletin board "gets [him] scared."

Scared of what? Christenson doesn't say, though he does express his being "appalled" to learn the group behind the white privilege checklist is called CADOF, an acronym for Conservatives are Destroying our Future.

"When you have taxpayer money going to a public university," Christenson says, "I think every side should be represented." 

Right on, Evan. Someone should get to work on a "Non-White Privilege Checklist," to remind minorities to be aware of the advantages they take for granted. Does anyone have a spare Post-It note?

The checklist story has quickly become a cause celebre in certain circles, getting picked up by Fox News, Campus Reform, even the U.K. Daily Mail tabloid. 

To the conservatives who've only learned of the Twin Cities through those follow-up stories, be assured, we welcome you here. There are plenty of places where one can be protected from the kind of hateful language Evan Christenson encountered on the campus dorm wall.

Have you considered a visit to the Minnesota House of Representatives?