White Castle Slider-craving ex-stripper loses disability complaint

A disabled former stripper who wanted White Castle so badly that she tried to drive her mobility scooter through the drive-thru--the only part of the restaurant open at that hour--has been told that she doesn't have a Constitutional right to Sliders.

Back in June, we recounted the ridiculous case by the wheel-chair bound Ariel Wade, who appears to be several sliders past her stripping days.

Wade says that's discrimination against the disabled, because the drivethru stays open one hour later than the dining room, and she has a Constitutional right to life, liberty, and late-night Sliders.

White Castle tried to mollify her with coupons, but she immediately went out to sue ...

Well, justice has been served ... even if the Sliders weren't.

Wade has been told to suck it up: wheelchairs aren't allowed in the drive-thru lane because it poses a hazard--drivers may not see them and could drive over her scooter-bound ass, making her even more disabled.


"Some people have been supportive about it," she said. "Others have made me a mockery and tell me that I'm taking advantage of the system, because I'm handicapped and that I'm trying to receive special services. No, I'm just wanting a business to abide by the laws."

For now, the state has concluded no laws were broken. So Wade said last week she has decided to "let this sleeping dog lie."

And with that, the Rosa Parks of the scooter community rests her case.

(Oh, and by the way, here's a pic of a mouth-watering slider. Have a nice day!)