White Bear Lake prom-goer allegedly beat up ex-girlfriend's date on dance floor

Upset about a breakup, Olson allegedly decided to take it out on his ex's date.
Upset about a breakup, Olson allegedly decided to take it out on his ex's date.

If he couldn't dance with her, nobody could.

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Dustin Olson, an 18-year-old Hugo resident who appears to have played for the White Bear Lake high school lacrosse team last year, has been charged with misdemeanor assault and a felony count of making terroristic threats after he allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend's date to a pulp during the White Bear Lake high school prom.

The Pioneer Press, citing the criminal complaint, reports that the chain of events culminating in the Saturday-evening assault began with threatening Facebook messages Olson sent to his ex's new flame.

On March 2, Olson sent the 17-year-old boy a message that said, "I will fucking kill you. I promise you that." Then, on April 22, Olson followed up with, "I'm going to kick the shit out of you on prom night so just be prepared."

He apparently wasn't bluffing. During the prom dance, which was held at St. Paul's RiverCentre, Olson allegedly approached his ex's date from behind "and punched him four to five times in the head and ribs," the criminal complaint says. The victim was complaining of headaches and dizziness two days after the incident and was treated for concussion-like symptoms.

According to the PiPress report, Olson told police he "did something bad" because he was "mad." We doubt that defense will hold up in court, where Olson could be sentenced to as many as five years in prison if convicted of the terroristic threats charge.

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