White Bear Lake neighbor from hell is a Met Council executive assistant [UPDATE]

Christensen literally gave the little girls living across the street from her nightmares.
Christensen literally gave the little girls living across the street from her nightmares.

If the most recent allegations against her are true -- and based on her track record, it's nearly impossible to believe they aren't -- you have to wonder what the decision makers at the Metropolitan Council saw and continue to see in Lori Christensen.

Christensen -- 49, a single mother, and employed as an executive assistant with the Met Council -- faces three felony charges and the possibility of 10 years in prison after making her White Bear Lake neighbors miserable for a half-decade.

One couple who live next door to Christensen and her young daughter have a court order forbidding her from having any contact with them; an elderly woman who lived on the other side of the street moved because she could no longer tolerate Christensen's behavior; and Christensen now faces two felony counts of stalking and a felony count of violating a restraining order taken out against her by the across-the-street Hoffman family.

The Hoffmans moved to the tree-lined Homewood Place cul-de-sac 15 years ago, and Christensen followed them about three years later. Relations were amicable and their daughters played together until an incident about five years ago where Christensen's daughter allegedly poured nail polish on one of the Hoffman girls.

When Greg Hoffman went to tell Christensen about it, she got angry, admonishing Hoffman to take care of his own children. And it's been all downhill from there, both for the Hoffmans and for other neighbors unfortunate enough to live in proximity to Christensen. In total, police have received more than 80 calls regarding her behavior in just the last three years.

From the Daily Mail:

Christensen was filmed flashing some leg while taunting her neighbors with a lewd jig.
Christensen was filmed flashing some leg while taunting her neighbors with a lewd jig.
Fox 9

The taunts became so unbearable, that Kim and Greg Hoffman, who live opposite Christensen, began filming her in action.

They caught her performing a lewd dance as their son celebrated his 12th birthday and yelling obscenities at the family, KMSP-TV reported.

She has also pasted as many as 50 signs to her garage reading: 'Get a life', 'the guilty talk the loudest' and 'I saw mommy kissing a breathalyzer' - a reference to the fact Mrs Hoffman is a recovering alcoholic.

She also twisted the lyrics to the song Drunken Sailor by singing: 'What do you do with a drunken mother?'

Other accusations include making masturbatory gestures to Greg Hoffman and shouting, 'I wish you'd died' to his wife.

The Star Tribune quotes White Bear Lake Police Chief Lynne Bankes as saying that during her 35 years as a police officer, "I have never met or heard of anybody who is so persistent in their negative behavior toward their neighbors -- or anyone." Bankes said she's consulted with ministers and psychologists to try and better understand Christensen, to no avail.

Christensen actually spent last Christmas in the workhouse for violating the restraining order the Hoffmans have against her. During the sentencing hearing for that violation, a letter written by Christensen's boss, Met Council Chief Information Officer David Hinrichs, was read in court. The letter lauded "Lori's high standards and strong character over the last two years." Hinrichs wrote he was "lucky" to have her on staff and "would hire her again in a minute."

Christensen is still employed by the Met Council with an annual salary of $51,917, the Star Tribune reports. If nothing else, she must be really good at not bringing her home-life to work, otherwise how else can you explain her still having a job?

:: UPDATE ::

The Star Tribune reports that Christensen has been banned from her Homewood Place home until her next court hearing.

On Friday, Ramsey County District Judge George Stephenson will determine whether Christensen violated her probation by allegedly videotaping her neighbors and calling authorities about suspected code violations at the neighbors' home, including slight siding damage and litter from overflowing recycling bins.

Christensen can remain free until Judge Stephenson makes a ruling. Though she's banned from her home, she can return once with police to pick up her dogs and some personal items.

Stephenson went as far as to direct Christensen to refrain from calling 911 about the Hoffmans even if she witnesses their house burning down.

"You will not be the one to call 911 to report it," the judge said.

:: UPDATE 2, May 30, noon ::

During a court appearance today, Christensen admitted she violated her probation and was sentenced to 90 days in the Ramsey County workhouse. She's expected to report to jail Monday, the Star Tribune reports.

Judge Stephenson also ordered her to stay at least a mile away from her house for the remainder of her four-and-a-half year probation. Christensen, for her part, said she has no plans to return home.

So look out, rest of the Twin Cities -- in about three months, Christensen could be moving in across the street from you.

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