Which one of you sickos is walking around Green Bay like this?

Dear God. Make it go away.

Dear God. Make it go away.

If you've made it this far, you are a braver soul than most.

The typical person, having seen the above image, has immediately snapped shut their laptop and run from the house in a blind panic. They will later be found hiding in the backseat of their car huddled under a blanket their family had assumed was lost in infancy. The doctors say there's a good chance they'll learn to speak again. 

The scary clown you're seeing here has been spotted repeatedly in the town of Green Bay, Wisconsin. That peaceful village was once known as the home of people loyal to an American football team and cheese. Now it's getting a worldwide reputation as the home of a street-prowling villain that only comes out at night.

According to a Facebook page set up to honor the clown, this...funny person in a clown suit (right? RIGHT?!) was first captured on August 1. Within days, the character — nicknamed "Gags," which, if you think about it, is not at all reassuring — was making local and regional news. Now it's international: The Daily Mail in England wants to lump Gags in with "equally unnerving clowns seen across [the United States] in recent years," as well as others in "England, France, and Australia."

The tabloid also points out that someone commented on Gags' page that it's probably just an actor dressed up this way for the filming of an amateur horror film.


The explanation makes sense, because — OH NO JUST LOOKED AT THE PICTURE AGAIN TAKE IT AWAY.

Anyway, the cynics are definitely right, and whoever is in this picture is just having a little fun out there, either professionally, for a film, or personally, with all this media buzz. That's what's happening. This is just a little joke. Ha, ha. 

Godspeed, Green Bay. You're on your own now.