Where's Kirby the Kestrel? Target Field falcon still attends games, just not on FSN

Kirby the Kestrel: Have you seen Target Field's falcon?

Kirby the Kestrel: Have you seen Target Field's falcon?

Where's Kirby the Kestrel?

The falcon who gained national attention after devouring a moth live on TV hasn't been seen since--at least not on Fox Sports Network.

One blogger has even created a "Missing" poster for the bird, dubbing it "The Curious Case of the Missing Kestrel."

As you will see from our penetrating investigation, Kirby the Kestrel is alive and well and still attending Target Field during games.

Which raises the question: Why is FSN hiding him from us?

Like all good investigative reporters, we began our inquiry on Twitter, where we found several recent sightings of Kirby the Kestrel directed toward the bird's nom de plumage: @TargetFieldHawk.

@TargetFieldHawk I just saw you fly over!less than a minute ago via Twitterrific

@TargetFieldHawk thanks for showing up at the game last night! I saw you making the rounds.less than a minute ago via web

But the most conclusive evidence that Kirby the Kestrel is still alive, well, and prowling Target Field are these amazing photos snapped by CapitalBabs

This leads to one of two conclusions: Either FSN employs incompetent camera crews or the network made a deliberate decision to stop showing Kirby the Kestrel during Twins games.

Free Kirby!