Where to skate in the Twin Cities: Parks, warehouses, and street options [MAP]


Are you looking for a place to practice your skateboard moves? Whether you prefer cruising through outdoor parks, stopping by indoor warehouses, or finding cool spots on the street, you have options. Take a look at our skater guide to the Twin Cities for a few suggestions on places worth checking out.


1. Armatage Park
Small neighborhood skate park. 57th St. and Penn Ave. S.

2. Boittineau Field Park
Northeast neighborhood park. 2000 2nd St. NE.

3. Brackett Recreation Center
Mini-park serving the Seward and Longfellow area. 2728 39th Ave. S.

4. Creekview Recreation Center
Southwest-area mini-park. 5001 Humboldt Ave. N.

5. Elliot Park
Small park in the shadows of downtown. 1000 E. 14th St.

6. Familia Headquarters Indoor Skatepark & Shop
Skate indoors at Familia's warehouse and shop. This is a great options during the winter months. 835 E. Hennepin Ave.

7. Government Center
Skaters practice outside. 300 S. 6th St.

8. Loring Park
Skaters practice on sculptures, benches, etc. 1382 Willow St.

9. Morris Park Recreation Center
Small outdoor park serving Nokomis and Longfellow. 5531 39th Ave. S.

10. Warehouse District
Delivery ramps make this a popular area to practice. N. 3rd St. and N. 6th St.


11. Merriam Park Skate Park
This skate park offers a variety of challenges, including rails, ramps, and ledges. Kids can also sign up for classes. 2000 St. Anthony Ave.

12. Front Skate Park
This skate park has options for all skill levels. After a multi-year renovation, the space re-opened in 2014. 485 Stinson Ave. W.

13. Landmark Center
There are gaps, ledges, and other skaters’ delights outside. 75 5th St. E.

14. University of St. Thomas
Find the ledge on campus where skaters practice. 2115 Summit Ave.


15. 3rd Lair
Extensive indoor park is designed for all levels of skill with skateboards and in-line. Two large indoor parks with third outdoor skate area. 850 Florida Ave. S., Golden Valley.

16. Brooklyn Park Skatepark
Ramps and rails made of high-grade weather resistant materials that sit on a concrete surface of approximately 6,000 square feet. 5700 85th Ave. N., Brooklyn Park.

17. Burnsville Lions Skate Park
This huge park includes an amoeba-shaped bowl with extension, a six-stair set with a handrail and step up, and more. 151 Civic Center Pkwy., Burnsville.

18. Maple Grove Skatepark
Large outdoor park includes quarterpipes, banks, manual pad, fun box, and rails. 12951 Weaver Lake Rd., Maple Grove.

19. Overpass Skatepark
Big street course and 6-foot mini-ramp spine with pump-bump. 100 Washington Ave. S., Hopkins.

20. Shakopee Parks & Recreation
Facilities include ramps, quarter pipes, wedges, planters, grind rails, and fun box. 1255 Fuller St., Shakopee.