Where should Obama go while he's in Minneapolis?

Obama speaks in north Minneapolis in February 2013.

Obama speaks in north Minneapolis in February 2013.

Today, President Obama comes to Minneapolis for an overnight trip. It's his second journey to the Land of 10,000 Lakes this year. (Check out our humorous post about the first here.)

He'll be at a private fundraiser hosted by Sam and Sylvia Kaplan tonight, and tomorrow, the president will deliver a speech at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. But assuming Barack has a bit of free time in between, what should he do with it? Below are some ideas.

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-- Barack could take a ride on the Green Line --

The federal government paid for a chunk of the darn thing, after all. Why not experience the fruits of that investment while getting to see a slice of the Twin Cities core? (On the other hand, imagine the transit/traffic gridlock that would ensue if the president hopped on the train!)

-- Barack could hang out at Hidden Beach --

Well, he has admitted to inhaling more than once, and no outdoor area is more ganja-friendly than Hidden Beach. (At least when the cops aren't watching your every move, as has increasingly become the case in recent years...)

-- Barack could stay a couple extra days and go to the Lynx game --

Barack is a big basketball fan, and the Lynx just visited him in D.C. a couple weeks ago to celebrate their 2013 championship:
-- Lynx PR (@Lynx_PR) June 12, 2014 So why not return the favor by making a long weekend out of it and seeing the Lynx in action Sunday at the Target Center? I mean, it's not like he has anything more important to do this weekend or anything.

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-- Assuming she's in Minnesota, Barack could road trip to Michele Bachmann's place in Stillwater for a catch-up sesh --

They have fences to mend, and this could be Obama's last chance to visit Bachmann on her home turf while she's still a congresswoman. Reaching across the aisle to make peace with one of his biggest haters couldn't hurt Obama's prospects of getting as many Democrats elected as possible this November, could it?

-- Barack could have drinks Thursday night at Bachelor Farmer --

Since Mark Dayton's sons own the joint, spending money at Bachelor Farmer is kinda like giving a campaign contribution to the governor. And while he's there, Obama could chat up Eric and Andrew regarding their concerns about the lack of a tipped worker exception in Minnesota's revised minimum wage law. That law and the potential it has to benefit the state's lower- and middle-class workers has been cited as a reason Obama chose Minneapolis for the site for tomorrow's economic speech.

-- Barack chould have breakfast Friday morning at Potbelly's --

Because it's the best breakfast place in town, duh. Reuters told us so.

-- Barack could have lunch at Chipotle --

The president seemed to be enthusiastic about his burrito during a visit to a D.C.-area Chipotle earlier this week: But for God's sake, keep you hand behind our local sneeze guards, Barry.

I also posed the question of what Obama should do while in Minneapolis to my Twitter followers. Here's some of the choicest replies: Got your own ideas about what Obama should do? Let's hear 'em in the comments.

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