Where Michele Bachmann gets her money

Michele Bachmann may represent Minnesota's 6th congressional district on paper, but she's really America's Congresswoman, playing on a much bigger stage than the northern suburbs and exurbs of the Twin Cities. (Did you catch that star turn at Lincoln Center?)

Just take a look at where she gets her money.

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann hauled in more money than Kanye West!

With the help of some new data from the FEC and OpenSecrets, we can see that 69 percent of all contributions of $200 or more made to her re-election campaign in 2010 came from outside of Minnesota -- roughly $2.7 million.

Where Michele Bachmann gets her money.
Where Michele Bachmann gets her money.

By state, the largest concentrations of donors were in Texas, California, Florida and New York. By metro area, the largest donations outside of the Twin Cities came from Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Houston.

When the donations are parsed by industry, she received the most money from retirees, conservative organizations, the securities and investment sector, health professionals and real estate brokers.

And the data doesn't even begin to account for all the tiny donations that were sent to her from all over the country, and that she bragged about, while campaigning against Democrat Tarryl Clark last year.

In all, Bachmann raised $13.5 million for the 2010 cycle and spent $11.6 million -- a record-breaking sum for a member of Congress. That pile of cash gave her clout in the House and helped boost the profile of the Tea Party Caucus.

With all that money pouring in from all over the country, it's no wonder she's toying with the idea of running for the White House. She stopped representing just the 6th District a long time ago.


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