Where Has Minneapolis Gentrified Since 2000? [MAP]


Minneapolis is the 3rd-fastest gentrifying city in America, behind Portland and Washington D.C.

Governing Magazine just published a study where it mapped gentrification throughout the 50 largest cities in America. It claims Minneapolis, with its construction cranes and hot new restaurants opening everywhere, is the third-fastest gentrifying city in the country.

The map shows downtown, Northeast near the river and all along major transit corridors like the Midtown Greenway and the Blue Line are gentrifying. According to the study more than half of the damn city is gentrifying. See also: Better Know a Luxury Apartment Building: The Walkway

According to its methodology, in order for a neighborhood to be eligible for gentrification its median home value had to be in the bottom 40 percent of the metro area in 2000. Then median home values and percentage of adults with bachelor's degrees had to rise to the top third percentile by 2013.

It's interesting to look at the map, but deciding whether or not a neighborhood has become gentrified requires a more nuanced analysis than a robotic computation of some numbers.

These neighborhoods are getting wealthier and more educated, but what types of people and businesses are moving in? And more importantly, who is moving out?

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