When bigots attack

Three apparent uber-racists--two 21-year-old guys and an 18-year-old girl--are suspected of carrying out some rather strange assault/robberies in Brooklyn Park. 

During the first assault they've been charged with, the trio reportedly surrounded Derrick Thomas, an 18-year-old black dude, near Hartkopf Park and forced him at gun point to hand over his wallet and cell phone. While yelling racial slurs, they made him take off his clothes before proceeding to beat him.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the two males already assaulting their next victim down the street-- this one a fortysomething who was walking home from the bus. The crazies harangued President Obama during at least one of the attacks.

From the Strib:

[Thomas] also told the station that someone in the group threatened to kill the nation's first black president and his family.

"Then they started talking about the president," Thomas said. "They said they are going to shoot Obama they are going to kill him and they were going to kill his wife and his kids."