What's your wild side? Show it on your license plate

What's your wild side? Show it on your license plate
Photo courtesy of DNR

Minnesota has custom license plates with a loon or deer, but our state just got a new level of wild. The Department of Natural Resources wants your help picking four new additions to the selection of license plates you can purchase.

So are you a walleye? A chickadee? A wood duck? Heck, we'll go with the pheasant. We've never seen one alive, but they look exotic.

Vote it out, kids.


DNR has more information

about their custom wildlife plates. They require a minimum $30 donation every year. Totally worth it, especially if you are having trouble feeding your kids.

Check out the new license plates and place your vote here.

We would like to add some ideas to the mix: A majestic moose, a feral pot-bellied pig, and whatever that Minnesota Wild mascot is. Perhaps they'll make these the next time around.

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