What's Wrong with Wisconsin er... Minnesota?


We usually rip on Wisconsin because, frankly, they deserve it. But today we couldn't ignore the overwhelmingly terrible news coming out of our own state. So Wisconsin gets a break today while we point out some of the worst people living in Minnesota. 

A substitute teacher arrested at a St. Paul charter school on Wednesday allegedly was viewing pornography on a computer in a classroom when students saw it. Students were working on computers last Thursday when two of them, 14 and 15 years old, saw the substitute teacher viewing the pornographic photos on another computer. Police later searched the man's house in St. Paul for computer-related items, Panos said.

Man gives 11-year-old $20, asks him to pull down his pants 
MANKATO -- A nationwide arrest warrant has been issued for a 37-year-old Truman man who is accused of attempting to solicit sex from an 11-year-old boy before a college hockey game Friday night at the Holiday Inn. The boy solicited said he received a call on his cell phone and stepped inside the Alltel Center skyway entrance by the Holiday Inn to talk. While there, a man in his 30s gave him a $20 bill and asked him to pull down his pants, he said. The man approached the boy two more times offering more money and requesting sexual acts, according to the complaint. 

WILLMAR -- A 26-year-old Willmar woman was sentenced to 120 days in jail and five years of probation after being convicted of third-degree assault for hitting a woman in the head with a baseball bat. The women said they had been at a party and that a woman there had accused the injured woman of being a "narc," punched her in the face and hit her in the back of the head with a baseball bat. 

WILLMAR -- A 50-year-old rural Willmar man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor charges stemming from a homecoming week incident that allegedly included spraying toilet-papering teens with a squirt gun filled with fox urine.