What's Wrong with Wisconsin? And Minnesota?

It's our favorite time of the week. The time when we get to highlight all of the down and dirty that happens right next door. But unfortunately, so frighteningly bad things have happened on our home turf too, so we will be bashing both Midwestern states today. Hold tight and lock your doors, folks. It's going to get messy.

What we wouldn't do for a sports car BEAVER DAM, Wis. - Authorities say a 20-year-old Watertown man's burning desire for a sports car led him to kill the owner who had it up for sale. He later committed suicide as police were closing in on him.

UW Madison band nerds face suspension for trying to be cool MADISON — University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin says she supports the indefinite suspension of the school's marching band over allegations of hazing, drinking and sexual misconduct.

Recess fights aren't for fun anymore ALTOONA, Wis. — A 13-year-old Altoona boy is facing juvenile charges after he was accused of bringing a pellet gun to school and firing at students on the playground. Police say the boy had a fight with other students at the middle school, hit another student with his skateboard, breaking the student's glasses and cutting his head. He then left school and returned with the gun. Woman charges $25 to $45 for sex with her 15-year-old daughter KENOSHA, Wis. - A Kenosha woman has been convicted of prostituting her then-15-year-old daughter. A jury convicted the woman Friday on 21 charges, including soliciting a child for prostitution, failure to protect a child and child enticement, all as a repeat offender. Authorities say the woman charged men $25 to $45 for sex with her 15-year-old daughter and tried to sell her 14-year-old daughter into prostitution as well. One man testified as part of a plea deal that he gave the woman clothes for sex with her older daughter.

Parents school kids in the art of smoking pot MADISON -- A father and stepmother from Walworth are accused of teaching their young children how to smoke marijuana. The parents are charged with child neglect and are accused of providing marijuana to the father's 9-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter when the family lived in Madison. A criminal complaint says they also blew marijuana smoke in the face of their 1-year-old son and let him lick a marijuana pipe. The 9-year-old boy told investigators that between the first and fourth grades, he smoked marijuana more than 30 times.

And to Wisconsin's credit, we have some weirdos here too:

Couple smoke meth for the baby's health ROCHESTER — Two people are facing charges for allegedly getting caught by Austin police smoking methamphetamine while an infant slept several feet away. The two are each charged with single felony counts of fifth-degree drug crime and meth crimes involving children, which relates to knowingly causing or permitting a child to inhale or be exposed to meth.

Man pleads guilty to tying neighbor's dog to cement brick, drowning it FARIBAULT - A man accused of drowning his neighbor’s dog in April pleaded guilty Monday morning. The man was charged with felony animal torture after his next-door neighbor’s beagle was stolen and drowned in Wheatland Township. Buddy, a miniature beagle belonging to Metzenhuber’s neighbor, was reported missing from his New Prague yard on April 7. The next day, a conservation officer found the dog submerged in a channel between Phelps and Cody lakes, tied to a concrete block.

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