What's Wrong with Wisconsin?


Our Wisconsin friends aren't happy that we keep pointing out their home turf's failures. So we keep doing it. There's nothing better than ticking off your friends for laughs, right?

Woman dies in fire trying to save pet ferrets SOMERS — A Kenosha County woman died after running back inside her burning apartment to rescue her pet ferrets. The sheriff's department says the 30-year-old woman and others got out of the apartment building safely after fire broke out about 1 a.m. But, the woman returned to retrieve her pets and was overcome by smoke.

Student brings gun to school, not sure why he did it RICE LAKE — A 17-year-old student was arrested after bringing a handgun and ammunition to school in Rice Lake. Investigators say the teenager didn't give them a reason why he brought the gun to his alternative school Monday. A classmate alerted a teacher that the boy had the firearm and police were called.

Sex gone bad results in conviction MADISON — An appeals court has upheld the murder conviction of a Wisconsin man serving a life sentence for strangling a woman to death. Prosecutors say the man invited Christina Ross, 20, to his apartment and strangled her with an extension cord. He and a 15-year-old friend put the body in the trunk of the victim's car and parked the vehicle at a grocery store.

Man calls police to his home for burglary, leaves pot pipe out SHEBOYGAN — A 28-year-old man reporting a burglary faces drug charges after responding officers say they found a marijuana pipe in his bedroom. A criminal complaint filed Tuesday says officers saw the pipe in plain view in Justin Luecke's bedroom and found marijuana stems and seeds in the living room.

Woman gets 40 years for prostituting 15-year-old daughter KENOSHA -- A 38-year-old Kenosha woman has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for prostituting her then-15-year-old daughter. Authorities say she charged men $25 to $45 for sex with her 15-year-old daughter and tried to sell her 14-year-old daughter into prostitution as well.