What's Wrong with Wisconsin?


Keep the crazy coming, Wisconsin! It helps us forget about Rep. Michele Bachmann at least for a couple minutes.

List of 500 girls found in man's room, he's caught in trash can RACINE, Wis. — Investigators say they found a list of 500 girls' names at the Mount Pleasant home of a man charged with possession child pornography. Prosecutors say all the girls are from Racine County and their families will receive letters beginning this week to let them know about the list. The man was found in a large trash bin outside Dr. Jones Elementary School in Racine on Oct. 11. Police pulled their guns and ordered Marcsis out of the container.

Don't trick-or-treat at the sex offender's house, honey APPLETON — Wisconsin officials are helping residents find sex offenders to prepare for a safe Halloween. State Corrections Secretary Rick Raemisch says the state's sex offender registry site will temporarily link to the Family Watchdog Web site. That plots offender homes on maps that are searchable by address.

Pot on a plane! MINERAL POINT — A pilot who was arrested after Iowa County sheriff's deputies say they found his plane loaded with marijuana has been transferred to federal custody. Iowa County Sheriff Steven Michek says they recovered 150 pounds of high-quality marijuana from compartments on the plane. Authorities say the drugs had a street value of nearly $700,000.

Miss Wisconsin victim of hit and run. Hot. RACINE — Miss Wisconsin Briana Lipor got some encouragement from passing motorists, but not a lot of help catching who crashed into her vehicle in a hit-and-run. "It was kind of embarrassing," Lipor said. "People kept stopping and calling out to me, 'Miss Wisconsin, are you OK?' But it was nice to see that so many people cared." Lipor, 22, wasn't seriously injured in the Oct. 11 accident with a red SUV, but her car — complete with the license plate reading "MIS WIS" — sustained $4,000 in damage.

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