What's Wrong with Wisconsin?


Beating up Wisconsin makes us feel better. Really.

Hidden toilet death leads to misdemeanor MAUSTON — A woman accused of helping her religious leader hide a decaying corpse on her toilet so they could continue collecting her Social Security was convicted of a misdemeanor.

Texting teens both get drunk driving citation in same car TOWN OF RIETBROCK — Two teenage girls have been cited for driving the same car after drinking while one of them sent a text message. Marathon County sheriff's officials say the girls, 16- and 17-years-old, crashed the Pontiac Grand Am they were both driving in the Town of Rietbrock Saturday.

Firefighters union chief makes racial slur against Obama MILWAUKEE — Some local firefighters unions are calling for the resignation of the state union president over a racist comment regarding President-elect Barack Obama. Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Local 311 president Joe Conway in Madison says Rick Gale admitted using a racial slur the day after Obama was elected as the first African-American president of the United States.

Your terrible children make teachers turn to cocaine and heroin ELKHORN — The Walworth Elementary School teacher charged with possession of cocaine now also faces a felony charge after testing revealed she had heroin in her possession, according to court records.