What's Wrong with Wisconsin?


It's been a quiet week for Wisconsin news. Did the crazies leave for the Thanksgiving weekend? Well we've collected enough great Wisconsin news and maybe a couple Minnesota ones just to deflate our confidence in our state's sanity. 

Homeowner liable for room mate's dog attack 
MADISON -- A homeowner who allowed an acquaintance with two dogs to move in will be held legally responsible for injuries caused by a dog bite. The District 2 Court of Appeals says Nancy Seefeldt of Menasha was the "keeper" of the dogs and responsible for any injuries they caused. The dogs charged out of her home in October 2003 after their owner, Walter Waterman, let them out so they could come with him to the store. One ran across the street and bit Colleen Pawlowski three times.

Wisconsin avoids another Columbine High 
EAU CLAIRE -- A Fall Creek High School student who authorities say threatened to turn the school into another "Columbine High" just before next spring's graduation will spend a year on probation. 

STEVENS POINT -- Three people are facing attempted homicide charges in what Portage County authorities say was a murder-for-hire scheme. District Attorney Tom Eagon says Carla Glodowski "believed she was in a relationship" with Carlos Cummings of Stevens Point and told him she could not get a divorce and needed to get rid of her husband. Eagon says Cummings drove Dietze to the park where the man was shot. 

LA CROSSE -- A La Crosse County judge will preside in the case of a Jackson County man accused of killing his ex-wife and hiding her corpse. Alisha Sidie, the mother of twin 2-year-old boys, was found dead in a wooded area Nov. 15 -- a week after being reported missing by ex-husband Douglas Sidie. 

And what's wrong with Minnesota? 

WILLMAR -- A Willmar teen was sentenced Tuesday for raping a 12-year-old girl after driving her home from a high school football game last October. 

MANKATO -- A father and son from California were arrested Saturday with five suitcases filled with marijuana at a Mankato hotel. Authorities received an anonymous tip that the men were in Mankato to sell about 28 pounds of marijuana with a street value of about $100,000.