What's Wrong with Wisconsin?


It wouldn't be Thanksgiving week without some amazing Wisconsin news. Enjoy. 

MADISON -- Two Iraqi war veterans have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging two police officers forced them to lap up what was believed to be urine in June. The guardsmen were in the Dells for weekend training and were stopped by police officers Wayne W. Thomas and Collin H. Jacobson on June 1 and accused of having urinated in public, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Madison.
Man suing after Thanksgiving arrest 
EAU CLAIRE -- An Altoona man who was jailed after police smashed down the door of his home over the 2006 Thanksgiving holiday is suing four police officers for false arrest, false imprisonment, negligence and defamation. He and Patti Gosnell were relaxing at their home on the evening of Nov. 22 in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday when police officers smashed in the door of the residence with their guns drawn and pointed at the couple and a minor child. Thompson was taken to the ground and handcuffed. 

EAU CLAIRE -- An Eau Claire man who was charged criminally late last year for watching people through their windows and occasionally stealing property was arrested over the weekend for similar activities. 

Men make fake cop car, pull people over for YouTube vids SPARTA - Two Sparta men are accused of outfitting a 1997 Lincoln with red and blue flashing lights, using it to make fake traffic stops - and then posting video of themselves doing it on YouTube.