What's Wrong with Wisconsin?

We survived one day without one of these posts, but the following are just too good not to post. Feel free to disown your Wisconsin friends after reading this. They deserve it.

Don't steal another criminal's ID PORTAGE — A man stopped for speeding is accused of trying to avoid arrest by using the identity of his partner's ex-husband — only to be taken directly to jail because that man is on probation. A sheriff's deputy stopped the man's vehicle Friday and when the officer checked his driver's license with the dispatch center, it came up showing the probation status.

Idiot of the week: Siphoning gas in the dark is a bad idea... MUKWONAGO — Police in Mukwonago say a man was arrested and suffering from burns after he used a lighter to see as he tried to siphon gasoline from a van. When the man tried drive home early Saturday, he didn't have enough gas and attempted to siphon some from the van into his SUV. When he couldn't see how much was in the container, he used a lighter to check and a blast of fire burned his hands.

Domestic violence is no joke WAUSAU — Domestic homicide deaths up 36 percent from 2006-2007, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The report says 36 people died in 24 incidents in 2006. Last year, 49 people died in 28 incidents.

Pure racists still exist APPLETON - A 32-year-old white man has been charged with a hate crime for what prosecutors say was an unprovoked attack on a black man. A criminal complaint says the man was in a bar about 2 a.m. Sunday when he walked up to a black man standing at a jukebox and punched him. A witness told authorities the white man displayed tattoos of a swastika and a likeness of Adolf Hitler.

And to be fair, Minnesotans are a little off too... but only a couple of them:

Naked man caught throwing rocks at a kid A man was charged Wednesday after he allegedly was caught throwing rocks at a child while he was naked in Minneapolis. According to police, the man was at Lake Calhoun when he picked up rocks and throw them at a 2-year-old boy. The child was hit in the back, but wasn’t injured.

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