What's Wrong with Wisconsin?

We are constantly shocked by the amount of material we have to post about Wisconsin and their crazy antics. Some day you will thank us for all of this knowledge as you will never move there. We are doing this for your own good.

If you owe someone lunch, take care of it now RACINE — A Racine woman is facing attempted homicide and other charges following a dispute over $3. The woman is accused of stabbing two people and throwing bleach on them after going to an apartment Tuesday night and screaming at a man she said owed her $3.

Saving pups from burning fires and loving child porn APPLETON — A Door County fire chief arrested in an underage-sex sting operation earlier this month was investigated previously for use of pornography. The Door County Sheriff's Department says it received complaints last year that Bley was making thousands of dollars in calls to telephone sex outlets and was looking at online pornography. No charges were filed.

We love the stench of dead animals in our homes too FOND DU LAC — A former Fond du Lac woman is convicted of neglecting more than three dozen dogs and cats after they were found malnourished or dead in her home. A Fond du Lac County jury Wednesday returned guilty verdicts on all 40 animal neglect counts against Cynthia Neu, 39. After a concerned neighbor called authorities last January, police removed 34 cats and dogs from Neu's home. Six cats and a dog were found dead. Eleven other cats had to be euthanized because they were too sick.

Violence always worked in our homes when we wanted control of the TV HUDSON — A St. Croix County man is charged with battering his physically disabled wife during a fight over a television remote. A criminal complaint says Kevin Schreiber, 50, pushed his wife into a wall in June 2007 when she turned off the TV while he was watching it.

And, what's wrong with Minnesota? Not much, but our residents are absolutely hilarious:

Maybe dog shit will change his vote ST. CLOUD — A St. Cloud man was ticketed for unlawful dumping after admitting to putting dog feces in his neighbor's truck for political reasons. Police Sgt. Jerry Edblad says a 19-year-old St. Cloud man told police he has found small baggies of dog feces in the back of his pickup truck for the past two weeks. They arrived shortly after he put McCain-Palin stickers on his truck. On Wednesday, the man's mother told police she saw their neighbor putting the feces in the truck. When police spoke with the 45-year-old neighbor on Wednesday, Edblad says he told officers he did it because he "hates McCain." The unlawful dumping ticket comes with a $183 fine.

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