What's Wrong with Wisconsin?


What's with the dog abusers in Sheboygan? First it was the woman who let her dog freeze to the sidewalk when it was stuck outside over night. Luckily the dog was fat. Now we have another...

Another dog abuser busted in Sheboygan for leaving dog outside

SHEBOYGAN -- For the second time in a week, Sheboygan police arrested someone suspected of mistreating a dog in the wintry weather. Police said the 37-year-old man picked up Tuesday is accused of abandoning a sickly pit bull by leaving it tied to a pole in an alley. A nearby resident saw the dog left in the alley and called authorities. The dog was extremely underweight and had frostbite on its front paws, front legs and left ear.

Man busted for secretly videotaping women

GREEN LAKE -- A Berlin, Wis., photographer convicted of secretly videotaping models and pageant contestants as they disrobed in the bathroom of his home studio has been sentenced to two years in jail. Investigators say he hired the women for bogus advertisements and hid video cameras behind vents in his bathroom, using multiple cameras to shoot the women between 2002 and 2007.

Man allegedly punched pedestrian when he asked for a ride

CHIPPEWA FALLS -- A Chippewa Falls man has been charged in Chippewa County Court with one felony count and three misdemeanors for allegedly punching a pedestrian who had asked for a ride in October. After being punched, the pedestrian had blood coming from his mouth and ear, according to authorities. He was taken to Luther Hospital in Eau Claire for suspected head trauma. Chippewa Falls police Sgt. Dan Marcell later learned the pedestrian had a skull fracture and was put on a ventilator. Doctors had to remove a portion of the man's skull to relieve pressure.

Man charged after fight over trespassing, hunting

CHIPPEWA FALLS -- A 59-year-old Durand man is facing two charges after a hunting incident in October. A New Auburn man said he received permission to hunt on a friend's land near Highway Q in Chippewa County on Oct. 25. When the New Auburn man came out of the woods after hunting, Larson confronted the man. Larson told the man he was trespassing and hit him over the head with a flashlight after attempting to make a citizen's arrest.

Kids safe after man tries to lure them into his car

The children were just dropped off by their school bus in the 800 block of 160th Avenue in Somerset Township when the suspect approached them, according to the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office. The man allegedly told the children he was a friend of their father and wanted to give them a ride home.