What's Wrong with Wisconsin?


There are so many things wrong with Wisconsin that we get to write about it again this week. Dream come true! We've got some serious alcoholics on our hands.

Man urinates on police officer's head SHEBOYGAN — A Waldo man is in double trouble after being accused of driving drunk and then urinating on the arresting officer. The complaint says Shilts failed field sobriety tests and when he was being taken to the police station, urinated in the back of the squad car and sprayed the officer, hitting him in the back of the head.

Man busted for eighth, yes eighth, drunk driving charge EAU CLAIRE -- An Altoona man was arrested for eighth-offense drunken driving Sunday morning after twice attempting to flee officers — once on foot.

Man should be dead from his blood alcohol level WAUSAU — A homeless man who called police from a Wausau laundry was hospitalized after his preliminary blood alcohol level registered at 0.56, or seven times the legal limit for drivers.