What's with all these frozen people found alive?

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In yet another story of Midwest superhumans, a man was found frozen but alive near Moorhead, Minn. 

The 43-year-old man was found after Sheriff's deputies got a call about a possible dead person and found his car in a ditch. The man had frozen limbs and a heartbeat so faint that sheriff's deputies thought he might be dead, according to the Associated Press

Are Midwesterners trying their own Austin Powers cryofreeze in hopes of waking up to better days?

This is one of several stories in the past weeks of bitterly cold weather where people are found frozen, near death, but somehow still able to be revived. How can this happen? 

One woman, described as "corpse-like" was able to thaw out and survive. The 64-year-old Duluth woman was stuck out in the snow for hours and was found with a body temperature of 60 degrees and a heart that had stopped beating. She survived, despite doctors saying they had never seen a body that cold and have a person survive. "She was ice cold," Dr. Chris Delp said. "She felt, literally, like a corpse." 

Another woman in Wisconsin was found frozen in a used car lot after a night at the bar. She said she was "gone" before rescue crews found her. She also survived. 

Even dogs are nearly freezing to death and coming out alive. One fat dog was found frozen to the sidewalk. His layers of fat saved him. 

And one man wasn't so lucky during his adventure into the freezing outdoors. A man went sleep walking outside and was found frozen in a snowbank. The story made big news when it was reported that he was taking Ambien, a sleeping drug known for leading to crazy sleep walking stunts.