What's the worst place in Minneapolis?

Let's all get together and dunk on our lovely city.

Let's all get together and dunk on our lovely city. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

If there’s anything that can bring Minneapolis together, it’s hating on Minneapolis.

On Monday, local musician and writer Sam Bergman posted a question on Twitter, one based on a similar thread about New York City. We think it's brought us all a little closer.

He wanted to know where the three "worst places" in Minneapolis were.

Bergman wasn't interested in your jokes about the capital.

Hundreds of replies and retweets later, including Bergman's own--

we have a decent sample size for the spots we -- or, at least, Twitter -- hate in the city we love. 

Some tried answering in earnest.

A few respondents had picks in common. For example, certain... Western-themed bars.

Or places with cops in them.

Not a lot of love for certain parking lots, either.

But some of the real gems took things in a bit of an abstract... and dare we say broad... direction.

It’s all in good fun, of course. Anyone in the know understands that there’s only one unequivocal worst place in Minneapolis. It's the City Pages comments section... where we encourage the rest of you miserable freaks to submit your own additions to this wonderfully salty list.