What's the crème de crème of a fishing shack? One Apple Valley man knows


Call us un-Minnesotan, but we wouldn't exactly call this win a dream come true. But we have to admit it makes ice fishing sound a tad more appealing. 

Mystic Lake Casino just held a drawing last week for the "Extreme Ice House". And now one 62-year-old Apple Valley man is living the high life in his literal home on the ice. Just don't leave that sucker out on the ice too long or it's a goner.

Only in Minnesota.

So what features does the crème de crème of fishing shacks have? It sounds more luxurious than most of our apartments combined. 

The ice house has a bathroom, furnace, stereo, wrap-around leather furniture, microwave, mini refrigerator, flat-screen television, DVD player, satellite dish, six fish holes, an oven, and an air conditioner, says the Prior Lake American. That's in addition to all of the fishing equipment and electronics you'll find inside. 

Here is how Roger Gilmore described it: "It's the crème de crème of a fishing shack - so you can't call it a shack. I have never seen anything like it in my life!" 

His past ice fishing experiences? Literally sitting on a bucket looking in a hole in the ice. He'll never be the same again.