What's inspirational about Charlie Sheen? Comment Of The Day

Shannah Henderson of Lakeville, a U of M marketing intern, told us she wants to be Charlie Sheen's #TigerBlood social media intern because he's "inspirational."

"I'd just love to be telling all his followers and fans about his daily going-ons in his life," she said. "I love Charlie Sheen. I think he's really inspirational."


"What is inspirational about Charlie Sheen, a B-list celebrity who hasn't put out a decent piece of work for a full decade?," asks commenter Vitajex.

"Two and a Half Men" got canceled and I gave some deep consideration to renting out a nightclub and throwing a party. Nearly every show on CBS gives me reason to lose faith in humanity as a whole. I'm sorry, but 'Cadence' and 'Red Dawn' do not make up for the constant stream of shit on that man's imdb page. He dug himself a hole, screamed when someone tried to hold him accountable and now he's running around spouting utter nonsense and he gets treated like some sort of visionary."

Good deal, Henderson told us. "I'll keep the Sheeniacs salivating for more controversy."

Read the full story, video and tweets, here: Shannah Henderson of Lakeville is a finalist for Charlie Sheen's #TigerBlood internship

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