What would a lawyer do to clear his client of child sex abuse charges?

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Devil's Advocate

, writer Jonathan Kaminsky delves into the difficult tasks law enforcement and the medical community face when dealing with alleged victims of sexual abuse by examining the case of Daniel Jourdain, who was accused of abusing his 11-year-old nephew. An excerpt: "As [pediatrician Carolyn Levitt] explains it, the objective of the interview, which is conducted in one of the clinic's two exam rooms, is to collect salient details from reticent children while steering clear of leading questions. 'You have to make sure the child is sturdy enough to tell their own story,' she says. Sturdiness matters because if the child tells of sexual abuse during the interview, and if Levitt and her staff make a finding that is consistent with abuse having occurred, odds are the tape will be admitted as evidence for the prosecution in a subsequent criminal case." Read the cover story


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