What Will Replace Nye's? A Handicapper's Picks

What does the future hold for this cultural institution?

What does the future hold for this cultural institution?

By now everyone has heard that our beloved Nye's is planning on shutting down sometime next year. Crazy that polka music and '50s-era steakhouse fare proved to be unpopular with the millennial hipster set taking over Northeast.

It's sad news, yes, but let's look forward and place some bets on what the future will hold for the bar everybody loved, but nobody went to.

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Upscale Housing Project (-300)

Seems like every other week a deep-pocketed developer announces a new ritzy housing project in or around downtown Minneapolis. A block to the north, 450 new apartments are planned at Superior Plating, and few blocks south a 35-story tower is in the works. This location -- a couple hundred feet from the Mississippi River at the foot of the Hennepin Avenue Bridge -- is arguably more enticing than either of those spots.

What are the odds Nye's owners Rob and Tony Jacob have already fielded unsolicited offers for the prime half-acre piece of real estate? We won't even put that on the board. Big-Name Chef Reboot (3-1)

There's plenty of precedent here with the planned renovation of The Lexington and The Forum, although Josh Thoma has already said he's not interested on his Facebook page.

New Brewpub (7-2)

There's precedent here too, with Town Hall Tavern slated to take over the old Little Jack's Steakhouse in Northeast, and LynLake Brewery operating out of the former Lyndale Theater.

Let's get this out of the way early: If a brewpub goes in there the city must demand it provide a Pedal Pub corral out back.

Kickstarter Salvation (12-1)

Take a look at the outcry and grief on Twitter and Facebook yesterday. The owners could raise $100,000 in two days if they wanted to. A guy raised $55,000 to make a potato salad, fer chrissake.

Boutique Retail/Gym (15-1)

All these new upscale apartment residents need hamster wheels to run on and shops to spend at, right? Hot yoga in an old Polish restaurant sound good to anyone?

Visitor's Center/Event Space (20-1)

It's the perfect place for tourists to sign up for walking tours, rent those four-person bicycles, or grab coupons for the restaurants along St. Anthony Main. We suspect we'll be hearing from the historic preservation crowd before any redevelopment is approved, and a visitor center/event space that preserves some of Nye's history could be something the city is interested in.

New Jake's City Grille (500-1)

What if this was all just an elaborate plan by the the Jacob brothers to expand their Jake's City Grille empire into an urban setting? You never know.