What the hell is GOP US Senate candidate Kurt Bills thinking with his campaign film trailer? [VIDEO]

A screengrab from what one Minnesota conservative calls the worst political ad of all time.
A screengrab from what one Minnesota conservative calls the worst political ad of all time.

Kurt Bills is the first Senate candidate ever to sponsor and appear in a short film for the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project.

That's great and all, but if the trailer is any indication, then Bills' Staring at the Future film promises to be absolutely, horrifyingly awful. Produced by Vaughn Juares, the trailer introduces the story of somebody named Riley Thomas, a young man who in the video appears to sit across a table from a grotesque future version of himself.

Bills, narrating the trailer, says: "[Riley] will be given a second chance. The right choices will lead to growth and family; the wrong choice, despair... A chance meeting, transcending time and space, will change his life forever." You should probably stick to teaching high school econ, Kurt.

In the trailer, the sweaty, ugly, future version of Riley Thomas says to his younger self: "You're going to die alone, in a broken world, if you don't remember what I say to you, today!... Take a good look at my face -- this is who you'll become!" What an uplifting message!

The trailer is so bad, even Minnesota conservatives can't help but wonder aloud what the hell Bills is thinking. Here's a Twitter exchange from Michelle Venturo, a self-described "domestic goddess who is Conservative, loves cooking, gardening, Christ and Country," and John Gilmore, a conservative activist and blogger:

Without further ado, here's the trailer:

If you're the type that enjoys watching train-wrecks, you can go see the whole film tonight at 9 p.m. at Minneapolis' Riverview Theater.

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