What song is it you want to hear?

class=img_thumbleft>An acoustic experiment testing the audibility of live classic rock in the urban environment has established that the song "


," can be heard across a three mile-diameter in neutral wind conditions. Observation points for this St. Paul research project, titled "Rockin' Ribfest 2005," varied widely in altitude and topography and included the High Bridge, Cherokee Heights, the Wabasha Street Bridge, the Science Museum, and the Xcel Energy Center. The sound source was Jimmie Van Zant, whose amplification equipment was located on Harriet Island. (The question of why Harriet Island is called an island, when it is clearly connected to land, fell outside the perameters of Rockin' Ribfest 2005, though the subject bears further study.)

Data involving the song "Sweet Home Alabama," also played by Dr. Van Zant, were incomplete. None of the researchers involved in the experiment consumed any ribs.

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