What Franken's campaign says about a Chris Matthews run for Senate


MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews (Rep. Michele Bachmann's best friend) could be running for U.S. Senate in his native Pennsylvania in 2010, according to mounting rumors. The New York Observer seems pretty confident they've guessed right as Matthews continues to avoid outright denying the rumors as people whisper about his meetings with political leaders. 

Of course as a political pundit, the similarities to Al Franken are already circulating. What could Matthews learn from Franken's race? Don't run.
Here is more from the NY Observer:
Here, a comparison can be drawn to Al Franken, a celebrity candidate who had little problem securing the Democratic Senate nomination in Minnesota this year. Franken was probably about as well-known as Matthews at the outset of the campaign, but among much the Democratic base he was a beloved figure, having authored a series of best-selling books that savaged prominent conservatives. This made it difficult for Democrats to deny him the nomination. Matthews, though, is a more polarizing figure among Democratic activists, as well known for his critiques of the Iraq war as he is for his assaults on Bill and Hillary Clinton. He would not command the instant affection of his party's base, as Franken did in Minnesota.
If Matthews is looking for reasons to put this rumor to rest, we've got plenty for him. Franken's race has not been pretty. 

Don't model your race after Franken's. He might not even win. It's been almost a month since Election Day and Franken's celeb status hasn't won him much. He's still behind during the recount and there aren't many people giving him the final advantage. All of that money and work for nothing? Not worth it, Matthews. 

Even your left wing so-called allies turn against you. It's a tough world out there for a semi-celeb who makes their mark interrupting their ideological enemies and writing for dirty magazine. 

Those off comments on your show? They'll turn into nasty ads. We watched Norm Coleman and the Republicans take it to the extreme this year. Who wants to be labeled a woman-hating, porn-loving waste of space? It will happen to you too, Matthews. We can see it now.

Do you really want to get into a grade school bully fight? Franken can tell you all about the hair pulling and sucker punches. Who really does that? Don't do it! 

Celebrities and political pundits shouldn't run for office. Period. Yes, you'll probably get the nomination, but it's only because political parties can't resist the name recognition. So you've got an easy nomination, but then you've contributed to the continued decline of decent politics in this country. What a feat! 

And what do you become when you lose? A washed up loser and former celebrity that no one dares to associate with.