What do Michelle Obama and Bachmann have in common?

Someone must be insane to think our next First Lady, Michelle Obama, and our crazy Rep. Michele Bachmann have anything in common. Well, they have the same name (sort of) and that makes them part of a pretty powerful group of ladies on The Hill, according to Slate.

The Michelles, a super exclusive women's club on Capitol Hill. It sounds like one of those terrifying groups of popular girls in middle school that made you wish for a name change just to fit in. Gum-chomping, training-bra sporting, make-up wearing little snobs. At least the Capitol Hill group of Michelles isn't all bad.

Slate lists nine big-timers with the name. The list also includes Michele Norris, a National Public Radio All Things Considered host who went to the University of Minnesota.

Why are Michelles so cool in D.C.?

That's easy. It was an insanely popular name in the '60s and '70s, and it peaked in popularity in 1968. (The members of the D.C. gang were born between 1956 and 1970.) We can also blame the Beatles--their 1966 Grammy Award-winning song, "Michelle," came out at about the same time the name broke into the top 10 baby names in the United States. (For what it's worth, at least two Michelles--Martin and Woodward--despise the song.)

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