What Bryant McKinnie did with his summer vacation

Bryant McKinnie, preparing for training camp.
Bryant McKinnie, preparing for training camp.

Bryant McKinnie is no longer the giant man on the end of the Vikings offensive line, thanks to his reported losing battle against weight gain.

McKinnie was placed on the "non-football injury" list on Monday, which was taken to mean he was simply too out of shape for training camp.

If the Vikings were curious how McKinnie got himself out of shape, there's no need to ask Big Mac. The evidence is all there in a series of joyful but perhaps ill-advised tweets that McKinnie has been sending out for months.

City Pages kept an eye on McKinnie, and what follows is the true, tweeted story of how Bryant McKinnie spent his summer vacation.

The offseason gave Bryant a chance to reconnect with friends.

For example, his production company, B Major, threw a birthday party for Lil Kim at a club called Santos in Miami.

That party, as recorded by a slickly produced video, featured not only Lil Kim but famous athlete/partymen, Dennis Rodman and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. From the looks of it, Bryant had a really good time.

What Bryant McKinnie did with his summer vacation

Some times McKinnie asked for a helping hand, as in this case when he challenged his Twitter followers with a specific, time-sensitive question.

On page two, consider Bryant McKinnie, strip club gentleman, and watch his half-hearted attempt to get in touch with a personal trainer.


McKinnnie retweeted the kind words of a lady, who, it seems, works in the dancing industry. He was credited with "making it rain" the previous night, a practice in which a patron showers the ladies with cash, like a rainfall.

McKinnie's response, captured in the parentheses, is that of a gentleman.

McKinnie really wanted to stay in shape, he did. Here, he's trying to get the attention of Jeanette Jenkins, personal trainer to the stars.

It's a little bit funny to watch someone use Twitter to alert someone of a coming phone call, but so be it, he's on the right track.

But more often, McKinnie was fielding and responding to questions from friends, as in this case when a woman asked about the dress code for an upcoming party. McKinnie, again, answers in the parentheses.

Some nights were fun, but maybe went on a little too long.

After a while, the man got under McKinnie's skin. Big Mac tried to say that he was going to refrain from being the old, troublesome Bryant McKinnie.

But an unfortunate misspelling made it seem more like he was redecorating his house with a portrait.

At the end of that rant, McKinnie produced a bold, important statement, one that everyone should keep in mind.


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