What are the Top 100 blogs in Minnesota?

​Don't you just love a good list? Who are the Top 10 guitar heroes of all time? Who's the best quarterback in NFL history? Who says so? Based on what? In that vein, here's a geekier list closer to home: What are the top 100 blogs in Minnesota? Is yours on the list? Should it be? Tell it to Newsbobber.

The creation of Bob Ingrassia, a St. Paul journalist who's put in stints at  the New York Daily News, the Dallas Morning News and the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Newsbobber attempts to track every blog in the state. Now with Internet Broadcasting in St. Paul, Ingrassia has spent his off hours since the beginning of the year creating a directory of about 600 blogs. He's vetted every single one of them, and he's ranked the Top 100. (He's also created three Minnesota Twitter aggregators for politics, news media and social media.) 

The blog ranking is a work in progress, he says, scoring each blog on a scale of 1-10 by averaging data he finds using Google PageRank, PostRank, Yahoo inlinks and Google Reader subscribers. An updated version of the system that will let readers vote on the rankings is in the works.

Why bother? Ingrassia says that while the usual suspects populate the top of his rankings, there are a lot of blogs out there flying below the radar whose authors are doing good work worthy of your attention.

We're not going to post the Top 100, but for a taste, here's who made the Top 5 on Monday morning. Let the arguing begin!

1. Pharyngula (PZ Meyers)

2. Power Line (John Hinderaker/Scott Johnson/Paul Mirengoff)

3. The Bleat (James Lileks)

4. MckMama (Jennifer McKinney)

5. MNSpeak | Secrets of the City (Group blog edited by Max Sparber)