We've got a sawbuck on Claudio Hummes

Who are the oddsmakers pegging as the next pope?

The 115 Cardinals gathered at the Sistine Chapel to pick a new pope have held their first ballot, but no winner emerged during day one of the conclave. This means that there's still time to thrown down some money on who will win the papal sweepstakes. The best web site from which to size up the field is, naturally,

The clear favorite? Francis Arinze, of Nigeria, currently at 3-1 odds. Trailing him are Jean-Marie Lustiger, of France, and Joseph Ratzinger, of Germany, both at odds of 11/2.

Some other top contenders:

Dionigi Tettamanzi (Italy): 7/1

Claudio Hummes (Brazil): 8/1

Carlo Maria Martini (Italy): 9/1

Oscar Rodrigue Maradiaga (Honduras): 12/1

Camillo Ruini (Italy): 20/1

Angelo Scola (Italy): 20/1

Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa (Chile): 20/1

Walter Kasper (Germany): 20/1

Jose Da Cruz Policarpo (Portugal): 20/1

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