West St. Paul man arrested for not giving ID; cops get death threats [VIDEO]

The West St. Paul police say they've received 'dozens' of threatening calls, emails, and social media posts.

The West St. Paul police say they've received 'dozens' of threatening calls, emails, and social media posts.

At about eight and a half minutes long, Devin Riley's recording of his June 7 arrest isn't much of a video.

The first couple minutes are repetitive and awkward. The last six-plus minutes have almost no visual element, as Riley appears to have tucked away his cellphone at the moment he's placed under arrest.

The audio continues, though, as does his conversation with the officer putting Riley in handcuffs. 

"I grew up around here," Riley says. "This officer came and harassed me for no reason. I do not need an ID to be on the sidewalk on a sunny day."

Riley continues: "This is assault. I don't consent to any search, I don't consent to you touching me. I don't know why I'm being detained."

It was during that search that the cop apparently discovered a weed pipe, which later led to Riley's being charged with drug paraphernalia possession. Riley's only other crime is evident from the video's long, painful open: Officer Kurt Syverston repeatedly demands to see his identification, and Riley repeatedly refuses. For this, Riley was charged with obstructing the legal process.

The Pioneer Press reports Syvertson had observed Riley, 26, behaving in a "suspicious" manner, staring down the squad car and riding his bike "close to a group of children." 

West St. Paul Police Lt. Brian Sturgeon says Riley was detained under "reasonable suspicion." Riley obviously disagrees: The video he uploaded to Youtube this week is titled "Illegal arrest unlawful detainment." 

In the video, Riley tells Syvertson he has had extensive interactions with police.

"You don't think I've had a million conversations with a million cops a lot smarter than you?" says Riley, then in custody.

Riley's criminal record includes felony convictions for terroristic threats and for violating a restraining order, both of which occurred in 2012. At the time of his most recent arrest, he was facing a bench warrant, which Syvertson claims he knew, and cited as part of why he approached Riley.

"You're wrong right now," Riley continued. "When your supervisor gets here he'll tell you that. You're going to go home and jack off and be the punk that you are. You got no one else to talk to, 'cuz you're a punk bitch. Wait 'til your fucking supervisor gets here."

According to Sturgeon, the uploading of the video has led to an outpouring of threatening emails and phone calls to the department, with some saying, "All cops need to be arrested," or "All cops need to be killed." 

Says Sturgeon: "This officer did absolutely nothing illegal."