We're not all superhuman; People freeze to death

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Last week we started wondering how all of these people were found outside frozen and still somehow survived the ordeal.

Well, we spoke too soon. People do freeze to death.

The man found in his vehicle with frozen limbs and a heartbeat so faint that sheriff's deputies thought he might be dead, ended up dying later Friday at a Fargo hospital, according to the Associated Press

This weekend, a Duluth man likely froze to death after leaving a bar early Sunday, according to the Associated Press

The man's body was found at 9 a.m. Sunday morning. The man likely lay down or fell in a nearby empty parking lot. Police say alcohol may have been a factor.

How cold was it in Duluth Sunday morning? Temperatures hit 17 below zero with the wind chill colder than 30 below. 

Lesson of the day: Don't walk around outside drunk and alone in frigid temps. Hopefully you will be with someone who knows sleeping outside isn't the best idea.

KSTP has a story about reversing frostbite, which is pretty disgusting: