We're No. 1: Twin Cities lead nation in falling asleep

The Twin Cities take a backseat to no place when it comes to crashing.

The Twin Cities take a backseat to no place when it comes to crashing.

Folks in the Twin Cities like sleep. A lot. 

According to information compiled by Bing, Minneapolis-St. Paul residents are some of the most well-rested in the country, snoozing nightly an average of eight hours and three minutes. Not only that, our average bedtime of 11:03 p.m. means we are, on average, the first urban dwellers in America to fall asleep each night.

By contrast, city dwellers in Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco, among other metros, are all staying up until midnight or later. 

Our overall total of just over eight hours was good enough for third best in sleep time among 25 American cities. Only Boston and Houston slept more. People in both locales averaged eight hours and seven minutes.  

Bing's study was based on technology use, since so many Americans peer at their laptops, iPhones, and tablets right before bed and first thing in the morning.  

After tucking in just past eleven o'clock, we tend to rise around 7:06 a.m., Bing says. Contrast that quality Midwestern slumbering with San Francisco, which not only stays up much later — an average of 12:17 a.m. — but awakens before 7 o'clock, giving them a worst-in-the-country sleep average of six hours, 34 minutes a night.