We're movin' on up!

WaPo wonk Chris Cillizza has bumped Sen. Norm Coleman up to sixth on the list of seats most likely to switch parties in next year's elections. Previously the first-term incumbent was sitting slightly more comfortably in eighth place. Cillizza says he may have been underestimating the extent of Coleman's troubles:

Coleman, himself, has done nearly everything right -- raised millions of dollars, cut a moderate image in the Senate, and from early on understood he was in a tough race. But Minnesota returned to its progressive, anti-war roots in a big way in 2006, as Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) turned what was once expected to be a competitive open seat race into a blowout.

Cilliza also has some kind words for challengers Al Franken (who got a boost with yesterday's AFSCME endorsement) and Mike Ciresi:

While Republicans like to paint comedian Al Franken (D) as a caricature, the truth is he has run a solid and substantive campaign to date and has proven his capacity to match Coleman's fundraising. Mike Ciresi (D), who ran unsuccessfully in the 2000 primary, is starting to show signs of life and should never be underestimated given his considerable personal wealth.

(Yeah, I know this is modly cheese by the standards of the Internets, but I've been out of town.)