We're from St. Paul, and we can help you lose weight


It looks like state lawmakers are gearing up for a hearing today on what kind of policy solutions might best be used to help reduce obesity in Minnesota, especially through public schools.

And that got us thinking: How fat are we? According to statistics culled from the Centers for Disease Control by the Trust for America's Health, Minnesota ranks 31st in the nation when it comes to obese and overweight adults: 25.3 percent of us are too fat -- the highest rate among all our neighboring states.

Among adults, the the five fattest states are:

  1. Mississippi 32.5%
  2. Alabama 31.2%
  3. West Virginia 31.1%
  4. Tennessee 30.2%
  5. South Carolina 29.7%

Minnesota ties Utah for the lowest rate of obese and overweight kids ages 17 and under: 23.1 percent. But in this category, the South rises again:

  1. Mississippi 44.4%
  2. Arkansas 37.5%
  3. Georgia 37.3%
  4. Kentucky 37.1%
  5. Tennessee 36.5%

Do Minnesota's statistics warrant a look-see from the Legislature? Stay tuned. Meantime, here's an overview of how various states are combating obesity.