Were disappearing Somali men conned into terrorism?

Some of the Somali men who are at the center of an FBI domestic terror investigation had no clue they were being recruited to a terrorist organization, according to court documents.

The story of the missing Somali men -- four who have died in Somalia -- has shaken the Somali community and made national headlines. Now, court documents show that some of the young men had no idea what they were getting into, according to the Associated Press:

Abdifatah Yusuf Isse told investigators he grabbed the free ticket to see his grandmother in his homeland. But after arriving, he joined up with al-Qaida-allied Somali militants. Though he later escaped and returned to the U.S., he was arrested in February at Seattle's airport.

At least one of the men -- Shirwa Ahmed -- seems to have known exactly what he was doing. Ahmed blew himself up in Somalia in October.