Welp, someone in Stacy crashed their car INSIDE a car wash

The good news: your pickup is nice and clean.The bad news: it got hit by a Dodge in the process.

The good news: your pickup is nice and clean.The bad news: it got hit by a Dodge in the process. Chisago County Sheriff's Department, Twitter

Around half past noon on Friday, Chisago County deputies were dispatched to a Kwik Trip in the small town of Stacy.

The call was described as a “hit and run” in the report, but when they arrived, they immediately saw the situation was a little more complicated.

The site of the crash was, in fact, inside the Kwik Trip’s car wash. A customer had just about finished shining up their pickup truck and was pulling out when another car (ironically, a Dodge) swooped in and hit it from behind.

The cars were still inside when the deputies arrived and saw the mess left behind. A Kwik Trip manager who didn’t wish to be named said employees had to turn off the hoses so law enforcement could properly investigate.

According to the police report, the driver of the Dodge was found “nearly unconscious” in the passenger seat, with an “open alcohol container in the car.” The caller had told deputies the driver seemed to be “on something."

The woman was transported to Fairview, where a warrant was issued to draw blood to test for intoxication. She was arrested for a second-degree DWI. Chisago County Sheriff Brandon Thyen says the incident is still under investigation, charges are still pending, and as such, names have been officially released yet.

But the sheriff’s department did fire off a quick tweet and a photo warning other drivers against getting in this particular sort of pickle. The Dodge’s front bumper was still scummy with dried soap -- and crumpled.

The Kwik Trip manager said they stood back and let law enforcement do their thing. There isn’t much else to be done when two cars crash in your car wash.

Sadly, this isn’t even our first car wash crash of the year. Last month, two employees were injured when a car plowed through a WaterWerks car wash in Golden Valley.