Welcome to Maplewood comment thread

</div class=img_thumbleft>This week's cover story, Welcome to Maplewood by Paul Demko, examines the political soap opera unfolding northeast of St. Paul. An excerpt: "In the municipal elections of 2005 and 2006, residents elected a trio of neophyte politicians—Diana Longrie, Erik Hjelle, and Rebecca Cave—who promised change... Since their rise to power, at least a dozen key municipal employees have resigned, been fired, or had their job eliminated. Those lost include the city manager, human resources director, city attorney, finance director, assistant city manager, deputy police chief, deputy fire chief, and parks and recreation director. 'We've lost over 200 years of experience,' says Kathleen Jeunemann, one of the two dissidents on the City Council. 'It's the total unraveling of government and it's really scary.'" Read the cover story here, then come back to give us your thoughts.