Weiner pulls out of Milwaulkee speaking engagement

Weiner's surprised by the fuss.

Weiner's surprised by the fuss.

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is in a little bit of a pickle these days over a Twitter photo that may or may not show Little Anthony making his way around the internets.

It's a sketchy deal because Weiner claims his wiener picture was hacked, while at the same time claiming not to recognize the wiener in question.

We'd call that bare naked ignorance were it not for the fact that the wiener in question isn't exactly exposed.

Either way it's a huge distraction, prompting Weiner to withdraw from a speech tonight at the Wisconsin state Democratic Convention.


Lord knows Democrats in Wisconsin already have enough problems, what with their backsides getting royally spanked in last November's elections. The last thing they need now is a penis problem, and they were relieved when Weiner pulled out.

"It's understandable, considering what's going on," party spokesman Graeme Zielinski told the Journal Sentinel. "We're looking forward to a visit in the future," once the excitement dies down.

Weiner has a huge distraction on his hands.

Weiner has a huge distraction on his hands.

Meantime, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart has whipped out a handy Weiner defense, although with friends like Stewart, Weiner hardly needs enemies.

You see it turns out that Stewart and Weiner were college roommates.

"In real life, in my memory, this guy had a lot more 'Anthony' and a lot less 'Weiner,'" Stewart said. "The only thing they have in common is that they both lean to the extreme left!"