Weed smoking frowned upon at fancy new Twins field

The brave hero sneaks a quick toke from a bong whittled out of a red pepper.
The brave hero sneaks a quick toke from a bong whittled out of a red pepper.

UPDATE: Local man steps forward to offer nose-witness account of sweet aroma from Twins Toker's red pepper bong

Target Field, you have officially sold out to The Man.

The swells who built the stadium totally aren't cool with fans toking the sticky icky during the seventh inning stretch.

CNN brings us the strange case of a man who succeeded in being the first to smoke weed out of a vegetable at Target Field.

This is the best part: Dude was only given a warning.

Here's the first-hand account of the snitch who Narc'ed to stadium security:

"In the 7th Inning a fan in front of us came back to his seat with a red pepper.  He then began carving it out and reached into his pocket and pulled out weed.  With dozens of fans watching he began smoking.

Throughout the game this guy was telling people around him that he was going to be the first person to smoke weed at Target Field.   I got up immediately with the intent of having security watch him take a hit.  I approached security rather than the individual because I was fed up with his stupidity throughout the whole game.  Security walked over to him with his smoking device in his hands and gave him a warning.  HE DID NOT GET KICKED OUT!  They did not even make him throw away his red pepper.  The individual claimed it was 'oregano'.

I understand Twins Security are not the police, but they do have the power to kick people out of the game."

If you are the guy in this picture, hit me up at [email protected] Not for a story or anything--I just wanna hang out.

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