Wednesday morning papers

Reggie, we liked ye better when we hardly knew ye

In the Strib: As we've been saying for weeks, there is ample reason to believe there's less to Reggie Fowler's Vikings bid than meets the eye; today comes a report that Fowler still has not disclosed his finances to the NFL, and that--also discussed here previously--Fowler may be kiting the value of one of his business ventures. Also: the lege works out a bonding bill; more about the Mrs. Wheelchair Minnesota scandal; and Amy Klobuchar leads in Dem fundraising for the '06 US Senate race--poor, doomed Democrats.

In the Pi-Press: Interesting piece about capital spending on health care facilities in Minnesota: $1.2 billion since 2002. 

Other dailies: Tom DeLay's family values: looks like he siphoned off $500,000 in campaign funds and paid them to his wife and daughter (NYT); Rhode Island Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee will oppose John Bolton's UN nomination--more GOP defections in the offing? (BGlobe); Saul Bellow dies at 89 (BGlobe).

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