Wednesday morning papers

In the Strib: Alleged Red Lake co-conspirator Louis Jourdain nabbed through email, IM correspondence; the hypocrisy and essential idiocy of Michele Bachmann, continued; and leaders of the three northern tribes dragooned into a casino alliance by Tim Pawlenty are now threatening to go all democratic on his ass and submit the matter for tribal vote. (Pawlenty needs them more than they need him--the $200 million the state would receive is a vital part of his plan to hold the budget together until he runs for prez in '08, assuming he is re-elected next year.)

In the Pi-Press: At the lege, a Republican bill to require Minnesotans to buy health care coverage by 2007.

Other dailies: Bill and Hill's Mr. Triangulation, Dick Morris, tells Bush how to win on Social Security: give the people fake choices (NYPost); using kids to market products (CSM); report: spy agencies too subservient to White House in Iraq War run-up (WashPost); Johnny Cochran obit (LAT).

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