Wednesday morning news cruise

Red Lake shooting coverage, day 3

In the Strib: Shooter's psyche: Jeff Weise was just sooo Columbine; 168 words about the investigation and 1185 words of obligatory reaction quotes; severely wounded survivors cling to life in Fargo hospital.

In the Pi-Press: Chronology and overview of the shootings; David Hanners digs up more details of Weise's internet habits, including gaming-board posts; press movements restricted on reservation; backgrounder on profiling characteristics (i.e., stereotypical traits) of school shooters. 

Other dailies: School shooter profiling stories and sketches of Weise from NYT, LAT, and Christian Science Monitor. The last is the best of the bunch, and the only one that grapples with the plight of kids on Indian reservations as a potential factor rather than merely clucking in grave tones about the symptoms of Weise's extreme isolation--his morbid obsessions and his media consumption habits.

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